Beta Phase 0.1 – Full User Registration, Share Your Ideas, New Posting Policy

This phase brings the job board to the first mile stone of being able to accept registration of both user types job seeker and recruiter (hiring manager) users with the ability to accept job listing posts and present those listings. This is an exciting stage, not because the job board is close to done but because the board, even in its beta phase, has come a long way since mid October 2022, during its starting development.

So here is where we are so far, you can register as a job recruiter or job seeker and job seekers can post test business openings to the board as either posting for minimum wage post with a minimum pay rate of USD $14.25 an hour or post a tipped minimum wage post with a minimum pay rate of USD $5 an hour. Anyone logged in or not can view either of the job listings on the job listing pages by going to the minimum wage listings page or the tipped minimum wage listings page. All job listings are sortable by title search, location/region/county, company name to easily find the listings closest to you and the listings with companies you trust. In the development of user information and the direction of the board, there is now a new Idea Push page adding the ability to share ideas you may have to improve upon the New England Job Board development. Next we have the new board rules and policies that are the guiding force for what can and cannot be done, said, commented on the board. I expect the rules to be updated as the board develops to ensure a clean and focused job board. There is now a How To Use This Board page detailing the different user types of the site and what access that users have or will have in future builds upon the boards development. Currently (as of this build release) the looking for work posts listings page posted by the job seeker user is still in testing to resolve some unusual errors but it is in the works. Still working on something like the profile pages, and looking to take away some unnecessary features that were a part of the original plan, like job seeker profile pages. Till next time. just going to keep building.

  • Users can now register as either a job seeker or a hiring manager/recruiter
  • Job posting feature is under development with progress being made on the front-end form and fields, but errors in the loop card and missing/incorrect information still need to be addressed (further testing required)
    • New board policy has been published, available for anyone to read (click here to view)
    • A “Idea Push” page has been added for users to share suggestions and improvements for the board (must be logged in to access)
    • A “How To Use This Board” page has been added, detailing the different user roles and their access levels (available for anyone to view)

    In The Works

    • Recruiter user User Profiles
    • Company Profiles
    • Looking for work, loop card, single page (per post), listings page (reviewing errors)
    • Somehow setting relationship between “company” taxonomy and recruiter users (possible)
    • Employment Tips Blog Post Section (guest post welcome)

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