Posting Policy And Rules

Welcome to the New England Job Board posting policy

To ensure that the New England Job Board is a valuable resource for both employers and job seekers, we have established the following posting rules, guidelines and restrictions to keep this page running safely and smoothly. 

Welcome to the New England Job Board! Our job board is designed to provide a platform for recruiters and hiring managers to post employment listings. To ensure the safety and comfort of our users, we have established a set of guidelines and rules to be followed while using our platform.

Rules & Guidelines

Wage Requirements:

  • Minimum Wage Posts: We accept postings for positions offering a minimum hourly wage of $14.25.
  • Tipped Wage Posts: For positions relying on tipped income, we require a minimum hourly wage of $5.

Posts not meeting these wage standards will be promptly removed and or denied.

  • Respectful Communication: We are dedicated to fostering a respectful community. All posts and comments must be polite and considerate. While we encourage open discussion and diverse opinions, offensive or abusive language will not be tolerated.

    Admin Rights: Our administrators reserve the right to remove any content that violates our policies or is deemed harmful to the community.

    Community Guidelines:

    1. No tolerance for hate speech, bullying, or harassment.
    2. Keep all discussions job-focused and relevant to the community about employment.
    3. Post accurate and truthful job information only.
    4. Limited 1 Post per/ Position /per month to prevent spamming with repeated posts or messages. (please refrain from posting the same listing more than 1 time a month)
    5. Report any suspicious or inappropriate activity to the administrators.
    6. Adhere strictly to all applicable state and federal employment laws

Cleaning Up Posts:

  • All employment listings will expire 90 days after it’s original posted date whether the position has been fulfilled or not.
  • This automated deletion process helps keep the New England Job Board fresh and clean of employment posts that may have already been fulfilled or abandoned.

Offence and Penalty Policy:

  • First-time Offence: A one-week ban for moderate misbehavior or upon receiving a warning.
  • Second-time Offence: A two-week ban for repeated violations.
  • Level 2 Offence: A 28-day ban for severe speech or behavior issues.
  • Level 3 Offence: Permanent ban for users who persistently cause distress or ignore previous warnings/bans.
  • Note: Posting while banned at any level is prohibited.

Administrators & Moderators have the authority to delete any posts and remove members who violate our policies or disrupt our community.

We thank you for being a part of the New England Job Board and for your commitment to maintaining a professional and friendly job-seeking environt

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