How To Review Standard Wage Listings

Welcome to the documentation section that covers the powerful features of our Standard Wage postings on the New England Job Board. Here, we will explore the various aspects of Standard Wage listings, including the comprehensive information displayed to job seekers. Our goal is to provide an intuitive and transparent platform that benefits both job recruiters and seekers alike.

With our Standard Wage Listings, job recruiters can effortlessly showcase their open positions, ensuring they meet the minimum compensation rate of $14.25 per hour. These listings provide essential details, such as the specific city or town, perks and benefits associated with the job, and even indicate if the position is accessible by public transportation. We understand the importance of finding the right fit, and that’s why we offer multiple apply options for recruiters to customize their application process.

For job seekers, our Standard Wage listings offer a wealth of information to aid in making informed decisions. By reviewing the detailed descriptions, job seekers can assess whether the position aligns with their skills, interests, and desired location. We believe in transparency and want to empower job seekers to find employment opportunities that truly meet their needs.

At the New England Job Board, our mission is to revolutionize the job search experience. Through our Standard Wage posting feature, we aim to create a platform that fosters fairness, efficiency, and optimal outcomes for both job recruiters and seekers.

Standard Wage Loop Info Cards #

These loop info cards can be seen when looking for posted employment listings on the New England Job Board. These loop cards show a preview or small snap shot of the most essential information provided form the job recruiter. Promoting the positions most prominent features up front with details like, starting compensation, company region and company name, We include important highlighted information you want to know up front, before even opening the listing, such as the hours required, if the position is public transportation friendly and even including info like minimum wage, drug test type, and now we are even providing warnings against possible ghost jobs, that have been hiring for the position for over one year or more. All this information just in the listing card and even more information in the job listing.

Top Of The Page / Main Info Card #

Our Standard Wage Listing pages are where we really show you the guts to what the position and the hiring company is offering for the position. We not only include that detailed essential information, listed on our loop info cards but just at the top of the page, our Main Info Cards show the max pay range for the position, Total number of hours need per week and detailed public transit information if provided. With even more information provided below.

Position Perks & Benefits #

There was no way that just that, was enough info about the position, so we have even more! Our Position Perks & Benefits section is what really makes the New England Job Board ground breaking, by asking recruiters for all the needed information, we get the direct details and advantages the position offers. Each row contains a benefit type like heath care, vision care, company outings to give you even more of a reason to decide if the position is right for you. Recruiter users are required to post at least 1 perk or benefit.

Position Address Section #

Just in case you thought we had collected enough information about the position, we bring you this address section that is partially required for the job recruiter user to include. The address section requires the recruiter to list the state as well as city/town of the position as seen in the white box as state & region of position. If the recruiter user includes their exact business address for the position, the address Line 1 and address line 2 (if complete) fields will show the full address. If address line 1 is empty, then no address will show except for the required state and city/town.

Position Description Section #

So much information we have already gotten from the job recruiter when they posted but just in case we missed something, we still require job recruiters to provide a job description just to make sure we collect everything the job seeker needs to know about the position.

How To Apply Section #

If you have found a match to the position, you of course need to now apply to the position. The application section is the final piece to complete your job search and we offer the recruiter user a choice on how they want the job seeker to apply for the position. reuters can choose between, third party URL, phone, apply in person and our very own SafeApply feature that allow you to apply directly on our site, never even leaving the page.

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